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Bypass Captcha and Wait-time and Download from Filesharing Sites for Free

Bypass Captcha and Wait-time and Download from Filesharing Sites for Free

Disclaimer: The method I’m going to explain here to bypass the waiting time and captcha on file sharing sites are just for you to know that this is possible though bypassing captcha is against the TOS. Buy a premium account from your favorite file sharing site if you want to support them.

You hate waiting, and everyone hates waiting. File sharing sites incur a lot of cost for bandwidth and so they actually discourage people from using their services for free. So free users have to wait for a certain period of time before downloading the next file. While there are certain tools, scripts, and methods to bypass the wait time, they don’t always work. Even if you manage to do that, you still have to enter captcha. Again, there are some tools to automatically solve captcha but they seldom work.

I’m going to explain a fully automated method with which you can fully automate the download process, without waiting for the next download slot and bypassing captcha. Well, you are not actually bypassing captcha but others do it for you. The best part is that you don’t have to spend anything and it works with almost all file sharing sites. But there is a catch. An easy one actually. All you have to do is to solve some captchas for others in your free time. Trust me, it won’t take much time. This is based on credit system. You can’t buy credits but you have to solve captchas for others. This is the main reason why this system actually works.

The tool we are going to use to automatically download files from file sharing sites is called JDownloader. It is an open source application, and it’s clean.We are also going to use a plugin for JDownloader to bypass captcha, which is aptly called CaptchaBrotherhood.


These are the prerequisites to bypass download wait time and captcha:

  1. Dynamic IP assigned by your ISP
  2. Free time to solve captcha

Tools Needed:

  1. JDownloader
  2. Captcha Brotherhood (for bypassing captcha)

How To Bypass Captcha and Wait-time and Download from Filesharing Sites for Free

1. Install JDownloader.

Go to Settings>Plugins & Addons>Host. Check the check box under Accepted to accept the terms and conditions of all the listed file sharing sites. It’s a daunting task to accept all sites but you can also accept to the sites that you are going to use.

2. Install Captcha Brotherhood and create a new account. Click Start button under the Captcha tab to solve some captchas. Remember that you will lose credits if you solve incorrectly, so pay attention.


Get a New IP from your ISP Automatically

Now that you have setup JDownloader to download files from file sharing sites automatically, but after the first download, you will still have to wait till the wait time expires. Follow these steps to get a new IP from your ISP so that you can immediately start downloading the next file.

1. There are a few ways in which you can automatically get a new IP from your ISP.

a. On JDownloader, click Settings>Reconnection>Batch

i. Copy and paste the following text in the empty field.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

This method mostly works if you are connected to the internet using a modem (but it may vary).

ii. Click the Change IP button to ensure that the script works.

b. If the above method doesn’t work for you, do this:

((This method works if you are using a modem cum router.) I am assuming you are the administrator of your modem or ADSL/WiFi router and you know how to login to the router and make changes, especially how to restart from the web page.)

i. On JDownloader, click Settings>Reconnection>LiveHeader/Curl>Create Reconnection Script

ii. Enter the IP address of the modem/router. Typically, the IP address of the router is,, or any other private IP address (mine is


iii. Click the Start button.


iv. When you get the following message, click Yes and JDownloader should add the reconnection script.


v. Click the Change IP button to ensure that the script works.


That’s all. If you want to download something, just add the URL to the JDownloader queue and you are all set. If you have tens of URLs from the same file sharing site, you can just add the links to the JDownloader queue. It will automatically solve captcha, download your file and download the next file immediately by resetting the IP. Cool right?


If any file sharing site listed in JDownloader does not work, that means the website has changed the way it worked previously and you will only have to wait for the developers to update the JDownloader program. Thankfully, they are fast!


How to Remove Fake Antivirus Software

If you have the habit of browsing the internet a lot, you would have encountered the following screen.

OMG, it’s a virus scan and it says my PC is badly infected.

How to Remove Fake Antivirus Software

You get panic that your system is infected and immediately start downloading the “security software” download that pops up all of a sudden. After installing it, you find that your system behaves strangely. From now on, a nagging message window shows up, asking you take “immediate action”.

Now you also find that you are not anymore able to open the Task Manager, Registry Editor, “msconfig” and many other essential Windows tools including “Run” window.  Depending on the rogue program, you may not able to open other applications like Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. Some of them even disable internet connectivity. If this happens, you have to remove the fake antivirus software immediately.

How to know It’s Fake

How many times have you encountered this error message? Have you thought what you were doing when you received the “scan” window? I’m sure many of us are not aware of what happened and how the system got infected. If you look at the above image, you can clearly see that it’s a browser window with an Explorer disguise. If you are using Windows XP, open My Computer and see how it looks. It will look the same but without the “scan log”.

Keep in mind that a browser window will never show C:, D: and so on. It won’t also have the Windows Explorer links like “Add remove programs”, “My Network Places” etc. Lastly, a browser cannot scan your system all by itself. There are legitimate online virus scan websites but without your intervention, a browser won’t scan your computer and no virus scan can scan an entire drive this fast.

Since there are many fake and rogue applications, I can’t post the image of all of them here but you can do a Google image search for “fake antivirus” (without quotes). This will give you an idea about it and how to remove fake antivirus.

When does it happen?

It can happen when you are browsing. When you click an innocent looking link or image from some other website, you immediately see this “scan” window. It can happen even when you click Google web or image search results. If you see this type of suspicious window, close the window immediately. If your browser prompts you to download anything at that time, cancel it.

How to Remove the Fake “Antivirus Software”?

Though there are many tools that claim to remove these types of fake security software, my favorite is Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, which has never let me down whenever I try to clean up my friends/relatives PCs. This free security software is surprisingly effective at eliminating rogue apps even when your regular antiviruses fail to do so.

If you keep on receiving fake alerts, download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, install it, update it, and do a thorough scan (Perform full scan). Once the scan is done, remove all traces of malware.

But chances are there that you are not even able to use internet to download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware. If this happens, restart your system and just before windows loads, press F8. Now select Safe Mode with Networking. If you are not able to install any antivirus under normal mode due to an infection, you can install it under Safe Mode.

Windows - Safemode with networking

Once booted, download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware and do as explained before.

After cleaning your system of fake antivirus, it’s also recommended that you scan your system with CCleaner.

On the Registry tab on CCleaner, select Scan for Issues. Once the scan is complete select Fix Selected Issues.

This should remove any remaining malware registry traces.

Access Aircel Pocket Internet On PC

If you want to access Aircel’s Pocket Internet on PC, enter the following Aircel Pocket Internet settings on your PC.

Access Aircel Pocket Internet on PC

1. To Activate Pocket Internet, dial

  • For Pocket Internet-14: Dial *234*114# (validity 3 days)
  • For Pocket Internet-28: Dial *234*28# (validity 7 days)
  • For Pocket Internet-98: Dial *234*98# (validity 30 days)

2. In a few minutes, you will receive an SMS with configuration, don’t save it. Manually send a message PI to 121. Save the setting you receive now.

I have a Nokia N72 mobile and for this article, I’ll be using my mobile and Nokia PC Suite to show the Aircel pocket internet settings for PC. But it should be the same for other mobile phones.

Install PC Suite. Connect your mobile to your PC with the USB cable and wait until the hardware driver is installed.

3. On your mobile, open Menu >> Tools >> Settings >> Connection >> Access points. Select the access point you just received. It’s Pocket Internet. open it and check what is given under Access Point Name and note it down. It will mostly be “”.

7. In PC Suite, select Connect to the Internet. Select Settings. Select manual configuration. In the next window, enter the access point name you just noted down and save the setting.

Pc-Suite Internet

Pc-Suite Internet-config

aircel access point

9. Now you have to change the browser proxy setting. This is very important otherwise, you won’t be able to access internet.

Browser IP

  • Open your browser settings and go to Network settings.
  • Select manual proxy Configuration.
  • Enter the IP or
  • Enter the port number 8081

10. Save the settings

11. For any other application to access internet, enter this proxy IP and port number.


To access Aircel Pocket Internet on PC, you must activate it. Just send GPRS BP NOK N72 to 57788.

As far as I have seen, the configuration message you receive after you send request for  pocket internet doesn’t enable internet on PC. The setting you receive after you manually send a message to 121 with PI enables Aircel Pocket Iinternet on PC. I don’t know the reason but the later method works.

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