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Access Aircel Pocket Internet On PC

If you want to access Aircel’s Pocket Internet on PC, enter the following Aircel Pocket Internet settings on your PC.

Access Aircel Pocket Internet on PC

1. To Activate Pocket Internet, dial

  • For Pocket Internet-14: Dial *234*114# (validity 3 days)
  • For Pocket Internet-28: Dial *234*28# (validity 7 days)
  • For Pocket Internet-98: Dial *234*98# (validity 30 days)

2. In a few minutes, you will receive an SMS with configuration, don’t save it. Manually send a message PI to 121. Save the setting you receive now.

I have a Nokia N72 mobile and for this article, I’ll be using my mobile and Nokia PC Suite to show the Aircel pocket internet settings for PC. But it should be the same for other mobile phones.

Install PC Suite. Connect your mobile to your PC with the USB cable and wait until the hardware driver is installed.

3. On your mobile, open Menu >> Tools >> Settings >> Connection >> Access points. Select the access point you just received. It’s Pocket Internet. open it and check what is given under Access Point Name and note it down. It will mostly be “”.

7. In PC Suite, select Connect to the Internet. Select Settings. Select manual configuration. In the next window, enter the access point name you just noted down and save the setting.

Pc-Suite Internet

Pc-Suite Internet-config

aircel access point

9. Now you have to change the browser proxy setting. This is very important otherwise, you won’t be able to access internet.

Browser IP

  • Open your browser settings and go to Network settings.
  • Select manual proxy Configuration.
  • Enter the IP or
  • Enter the port number 8081

10. Save the settings

11. For any other application to access internet, enter this proxy IP and port number.


To access Aircel Pocket Internet on PC, you must activate it. Just send GPRS BP NOK N72 to 57788.

As far as I have seen, the configuration message you receive after you send request for  pocket internet doesn’t enable internet on PC. The setting you receive after you manually send a message to 121 with PI enables Aircel Pocket Iinternet on PC. I don’t know the reason but the later method works.

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