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How to Sync Files From Your Android Phone to PC Over WiFi

Nowadays, smartphones play an important role in our daily lives. We not only use them for making calls, but also for browsing, listening to music, connecting with others and so on. The more you do on your phone, the more data or filesĀ  (like movies, music, apps, docs etc) it has to store in it. While they give you mobility, amrtphones are also prone to data loss due to different reasons, not to mention the risk of theft. Thus it becomes imperative to take a backup of your important files so that you can retrieve them later if needed. While you can simply connect your phone to PC using the data cable to copy files to PC, why not make things even easier by automating the entire synching process?

How to Sync Files from Android Phone to PC over WiFi

If you have an Android based phone, it almost certainly has WiFi. If you have a wireless router, you can access internet from anywhere at home. If your PC or laptop and your phone are on the same network, that is, same WiFi router, you can automatically sync files from your Android phone to your PC and vice versa.

What You Need to Perform Android Sync to PC:

To automate syncing between PC and an Android phone, follow these steps:

1. Install MyPhoneExplorer Android app on your phone.
2. Install MyPhoneExplorer Windows application.
3. Open MyPhoneExplorer on PC and select File > Settings > Connection > Phone with Google Android-OS.

MyPhoneExplorer Settings

4. Click OK.

5. Under Connect via… select WiFi or Autodetect.

Connect to MyPhoneExplorer

6. Now, your PC will be connected to your phone and MyPhoneExplorer on your phone will say your phone is connected.

MyPhoneExplorer Connected

If your PC doesn’t connect to phone, enable it in your firewall.

Now that you have connected your phone to your PC over WiFi. You need to select folders on your android phone to Sync with your PC. Follow these steps to sync folders on your Android phone to PC:

1. Expand Files on the left pane of MyPhoneExplorer and click Memory Stick.

MPE files folder

2. On the next window, click the arrow mark on Sync Folders icon and click Customize.

MPE customize

3. In the Edit File-Sync Jobs window, Enter a relevant name for the folder you want sync next to Title.

4. Select Phone -> PC. Selecting this will sync a folder in your phone to PC. (You can also do the other way be selecting PC -< Phone.)

5. Select your source (phone) folder and target (PC) folder.

6. Select Save folder radio button.

7. Click OK.

MPE sync jobs

8. Repeat these steps for each folder you want in your mobile to sync to your PC.

9. To sync files, click Sync files button.

MPE sync

If you want to automatically sync files, go to File > Settings > Multi-sync and check Sync Files > Select Jobs. Check the jobs (folders) you want to sync and click OK.

That’s all. You can now sync all these files to PC over WiFi whenever you are at home. MyPhoneExplorer also has more options to sync your calendar, phonebook etc. Just play around with settings to enable more options. I use Llama to automate some of the phone tasks. Whenever I reach home, it triggers MyPhoneExplorer in my phone. When I switch on the PC, it syncs all selected files.

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