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How to Stream Video from PC to Your Android Phone

Technology has changed everything. Right from the way we access information to the way we are entertained. With mobile devices, we are now doing almost everything that we only used to do with a PC. We are no more using our PCs to watch videos and movies but rather mobile phones and tablets. While we can add more memory to our mobile devices to store more videos, it’s always not the best choice and flash/NAND cannot replace hard disks in the near future. Also, playing movies at higher bit rates is not entirely possible. How about storing all videos and movie rips on your hard disk and play them directly on your mobile?

How to Stream Video from PC to Your Android Phone

In this tutorial, as usual, I’m going to explain how to use a free tool to stream video from your PC/laptop and watch it on your Android powered phone.

What you Need:

Follow these installation steps:

  1. Install Emit Windows application on your PC or laptop.
  2. Install Emit Android app on your phone.
  3. On your PC, click the Emit icon from the System Tray. The Emit window opens.
  4. Click Folders tab and click Add Dir button and select the directory where you have all your videos.

emit windows

That’s all you have to do. Now, tap open the Emit app on your phone and see if the app has automatically discovered the emit server running on your PC. Tap the server and you can go to the directory where you have your movies.



Note: Add Emit to your firewall’s exception list if you have issues connecting.

The Emit windows application is multi-threaded meaning, if you have a multi core CPU, you can be rest assured that the streamed video is lag free, even if the video is 1080p.

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