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Get Rid of the Conflicting Driver and Reinstall It

You purchased a brand new graphic card and enthusiastically installed it only to find weird issues. After installing your new hardware, you are not able to install a new driver, even if you are able to, your system hangs at restart and it even crashes (BSOD) and restarts for infinite times. You are perplexed and wondering what had really happened. Not only you, but thousands of people also experience the same kind of issue everywhere. 99% of the times, the problem is with the old driver installation.

If you are facing driver issues, don’t fret. Here I’m going to walk you through the steps for resolving it. There is a nice utility called Driver Sweeper which can help you in resolving driver conflicts.

How to Reinstall Conflicting Driver

To remove old video drivers and install afresh, you need the following

Driver Sweeper

Your New Video Driver

The process of cleaning your old driver is pretty simple. First, install the latest version of Driver Sweeper. Then, use the default uninstaller that came with the old driver. It can be found under Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

Add/Remve Programs

Uninstall the driver manually

Once you uninstall the old driver, reboot your system in Safe Mode.

  • Once you are in Windows Safe Mode, run Driver Sweeper.
  • Select an option (this depends on what you want to clean, like AMD, Nvidia Display etc.)


  • Click Analyse.
  • The next window shows all persistent files that weren’t removed during uninstallation of the driver which is possibly causing the issue.


  • Select all files and select the button Clean.

Now all traces of the old installation are removed. Now, restart your system normally and install the new driver.

Now that you have removed all traces of the old driver installation and installed afresh.

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